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About Us

Something more to know about us

Every organization, regardless of size or number of employees, should have basic human resource policies and procedures in place to both ensure legal compliance and serve as a resource for employees and their supervisors. Max HR Group develops tools customized to meet the unique needs of your organization.
For small to medium sized businesses, finding help when faced with a difficult personnel issue, or when you need to recruit top talent, can be both challenging and expensive. Max HR Group is staffed with senior-level consultants who are available whenever you need support in addressing difficult “people issues.” In addition to ad hoc HR support, we offer help with recruiting and retention, regulatory compliance, benefits, employee engagement and strategic workforce planning.
At Max HR Group we believe that skillful people are our real business. We aim to carry exactly what each client needs, every time. We do this by using our novel range of products and services to develop complete business solutions, using liability, royalty and equity financing, as well as our range of added-value services. Solutions are tailored for each client company, and are delivered by skilled committed and skillful people through a well-structured organization that prides itself for its systems and procedures.

What we do

Max HR Group offers exclusive consulting services customized as per our clients' needs. We bring to each assignment a team of experienced HR professionals who specialize in customized solutions to your company.
Their role is also to maximize the client's performance related to human resources by introducing or marketing "best practice" products or services as well as to provide periodic feedback to clients regarding their performance related to annual management objectives.
Our delivery of consulting services is based upon timely execution of agreed upon deliverables and performance results.

Corporate HR recruiters are generally hired by a large company to coordinate the recruitment efforts of the entire company. Instead of working for themselves as headhunters or for a recruitment firm, they focus their efforts on filling positions within the company that has hired them.

Whether we are recruiting to meet the needs of your growing business, aggressively seeking out the professional or executive that meets your company’s unique requirements, or operating as your company’s dedicated recruiting team, Max HR Group is committed to exceeding your expectations and furthering your success.

Our endeavour is to develop the efficiency of our client’s recruitment procedures by providing the most suitable recommendations and help with statistics in line with their requirements.With so many regulations and requirements, human resource issues can be overwhelming and exciting.
The standard pricing for our HR Solutions may eliminate the element of surprise but still our services are delivered in a manner that carefully considers the unique needs of your company.

Leadership and Strategic Management is a uniquely practical and relevant step to drive powerful insights that professionals can apply immediately to become better leaders and accelerate their careers.
Our instructors bring a wide range of expertise that promotes interactive learning.

Why Choose Us

The advantages to a small team are both obvious and subtle. Smaller teams cost less. A small team works faster than a larger team, runs more efficiently, and has less overhead. People increase their effort when they're on smaller teams, as they feel more responsible for the output based on their efforts. Organizing a large group into several small teams allows people more autonomy to wear multiple hats and to be more entrepreneurial.

We have worked with many international clients and partnership was the true essence amongst all. Partnership is at the heart of every clients' engagement and research initiative. We consider every client a collaborator with whom we share a commitment to both teamwork and success.

We don't believe in fake promises because we never do the same with our respected clients. When our clients reach us they come with a lot of expectation and we never let them down.

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